The Role of ZPD in Estimating Learners’ Future Level of Development: The Case of Reading Ability

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The present study aimed at investigating the possible impact of
Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) on the learners’ performance. Forty-six
Iranian university students participated in this study by taking two types of reading
comprehension tests (i.e., the main idea and Wh-question type). The researchers
used the Winstep program to analyze the data and estimate the learners’ Rasch
measure in pre, post, and mediation tests. The study indicated that the ZPD was the
main reason for the observed difference between the learners’ performance on
pretest (Actual Level of Development or ALD) and posttest (Future Level of
Development or FLD). The study also revealed that the learners with lower Rasch
measure showed more sensitivity to mediation.